Featuring Ellen Holzschuster: a loveletter from your creativity

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hei you, you creative soul out there,
yes YOU!
so listen and look at me:
see i´m wild and free
and so are you!
that´ s the best thing you can do!
how you ask?
don´ t ask for HOW it and you SHOULD be,
cuz:  you are wild and free
all this „hows and why me“ whining
is your caged heART and trapped soul
in a system called: rules and standards
so hei i shout it out again:
i am creativity – and so i ´m wild and free
or sweet and lovley…
or whatever YOU wanna BE.
cuz you ´re the ONE whose in charge for
letting me (and yourSelf) free.
so baby letz dance and shout it out loud:
„i ´ m the ONE who is in charge to cReATe my own

yes you, you supersoul i´ll just let you know
first it´ s going to be so wild – a big chance of dislike
but then you´ ll feel that you ´ve set yourSelf free!
yeah baby, that´ s the art of creativity!

others will like it – yeah that feels hot
or they drag you in the mud…uuuhh…
and lucky you – with that you´ve in the game!
to stART cReATing again.

that´ s where your soul hits the ground
your spirit gets calm and clear
and out of the mud the lotus will appear.

so sweety come on letz dance
ganesh is DJing others than just rOMance.
hop over and reMind yourSelf
and listen to your heART
CUZ you´re the only ONE who cReATes
your super.soul.Art

Artwork and Lyrics by Ellen Holzschuster

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